Alka Foam Cleanse

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Alka Foam Cleanse is a strong alkaline cleanser and Steriliser formulated for specialist use in food processing plants and abattoirs where the ability to effectively clean and sanitise fat and other contaminants is essential. Alka Foam Cleanse is formulated to remove contaminants from walls, floors Stainless Steel and other hard surfaces. The cleanser has a foaming action to prolong contact time for deeper cleansing and may be used on any hard surface that is resistant to alkaline cleansers including most walls, floors, tiles, benches, stainless steel, plastics and laminates. The product is normally applied by means of a pressurised back pack sprayer. Contact with alkali sensitive metals such as aluminum should be minimised where possible. Stainless steel is usually the preferred metal for food apparatus and is well suited to alkaline cleaning. Cleaned surfaces should be rinsed with clean water after treatment. Equipment should also be rinsed with clean water soon after use.