Anti Spatter

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Safechem aerosol anti spatter spray is an effective and economical way of controlling welding spatter. A light spray over the work will prevent most spatter sticking to the surface. A simple wipe with a cloth or rub with a wire brush afterwards will then remove virtually all spatter. It is non silicone based to reduce spatter and formulated to to allow easy removal of weld spatter from metal surfaces, nozzles, jigs and fixtures. Anti Spatter creates a heat resistant barrier film that prevents the adhesion of weld spatter and does not affect subsequent galvanising or paint operations. Will not interfere with weld formation and is not corrosive

Spatter can be kept to a minimum with a good setting. Holding your torch at a good angle which will control the length of the arc. The type of joint can also make a bit of difference, but there are so many variables it is impossible to eliminate all spatter. You will never eliminate weld spatter only reduce it.  Safechem Anti Spatter ensures easy removal of spatter from the finished job. Supplied as a 400ml CFC free aerosol.

Boxed quantity 12 x 400ml tins