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Glassolve is a glass cleaner with a pleasant lemon fragrance. The product is formulated as a detergent and alcohol blend, making it suitable for use on all types of glass surfaces. Glassolve is very fast acting and easy to use with minimal operator effort. Apply by means of an atomising hand held spray. Apply directly onto the surface to be cleaned or to the cloth used for cleaning. Wipe over the glass surface with a clean cloth until clean and dry, turning the cloth frequently to avoid clogging. This glass cleaner is suitable for use on both interior and exterior glass surfaces. On vehicles, it will remove road film, nicotine deposits, insect deposits and adhesives leaving glass surfaces clean and streak free.

Ideal for use on cars, coaches, trains, trucks, windows, mirrors, display cabinets, optical equipment, glass TV screens, computer screens, picture glass, scanners, photo copiers, light fittings etc. Owing to its fast non streak cleaning action this product is particularly effective on large glass areas