Graphited Penetrating Oil

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Graphited Penetrating Oil is a multi purpose high quality heavy duty release agent lubricant with graphite additive that reduces friction between surfaces. Suitable for a wide variety of applications

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Graphited Penetrating Oil is a penetrant oil with a special graphite additive that is formulated as a high quality heavy duty release agent lubricant. The graphite additive increases effectiveness and reduces friction between two surfaces. When two surfaces have too much friction they might not be able to move but by adding lubricant mechanical systems are less susceptible to problems related to friction. One of those problems is heat. Components that rub against each other without lubricant will create more heat than components in which the friction is reduced through lubrication. Water vapour in the air reduces molecular bonding of the graphite causing it to slip thereby reducing friction. Graphite can also dissipate more heat than some other lubricants. Supplied in a 450ml CFC free aerosol

Boxed quantity 12 x 450ml tins