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Hypoclean is an industrial grade 10% stabilised solution. It is suitable for cleaning drains, gullies and general cleaning/disinfecting. The world’s leading public health agencies recommend bleach as a disinfectant to help control the spread of pathogens that can cause infections and other health threats. Hypoclean bleach  helps purify water and kills germs including MRSA, Staph, Norovirus and C. diff.  Bleach solutions start as salt and water and end as salt and water. During use as a cleaner and disinfectant 95% – 98% of Hypoclean reacts and quickly breaks down into salt and water. The remainder breaks down to form by products that are effectively treated by municipal wastewater treatment plants or septic systems

Cleaning Portable Toilet Sinks – where it is not possible to pressure wash or scrub sink units used in portable toilets contaminated with algae and bacteria that give rise to odours. Hypoclean may be used to clean and kill deposits formed inside the sink water tank. For heavy deposits make up a 10% solution of Hypoclean with fresh water (ie:1 litre Hypoclean to every 10 litres fresh water). Fill the sink with this solution and allow to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. Drain down to foul sewer and fully rinse with fresh water

On exposure to air light and moisture, bleach solutions rapidly lose chlorine content. Our  stabilised solution is formulated to retain its strength. Always keep the cap tightly screwed down on Hypoclean to extend it’s shelf life. Never allow bleach to come into contact with acids as Chlorine gas will be given off. Chlorine gas is a pulmonary irritant with intermediate water solubility that causes acute damage in the upper and lower respiratory tract