One Shot AD

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One Shot AD is supplied in a 125ml disposable bottle. This toilet blue additive is ready to use in plastic recirculatory toilets on sites and events. It is biodegradable and contains an organic non stain blue dye. Available in a variety of perfumes. Dose at one bottle per charge of toilet.

To use, pour One Shot AD directly into the toilet tank and then fill the toilet with 20 litres of clean water to fully dilute the toilet additive. This is a very easy to use system with the advantage of known costings per charge of toilet.

This product is also suitable for use in chemical toilets in caravan, boats, motor homes, coaches, trains etc. Suggested dose for caravan toilets is 10ml per charge of toilet. Add fresh water to normal working level. Bottle and cap may be disposed of as recyclable plastic. Fully rinse bottle and cap prior to disposal.

Boxed quantity 48 x 125ml bottles