Pine Safe

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Pine Safe is effective against most common organisms and is a multi purpose disinfectant with a wide variety of applications. Owing to its high strength this product may be diluted as required with clean fresh water making it economical in use. Only dilute sufficient for the task at hand. Never return unused diluted product to the container. Disinfectants have many different applications. When choosing a disinfectant it is important to remember how the product will be challenged by the bacteria it is required to kill. Prior to using any disinfectant we recommend that a good cleaner is used to remove any excess soil or dirt so that the disinfectant is able to kill any remaining bacteria. There are many grades and strength of disinfectant available in the market place today. Safechem’s Pine Safe is a traditional full strength high grade disinfectant with a distinctive fresh pine oil perfume and is formulated for professional use.