Scale Off toilet sanitiser

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Scale off is a strong acidic toilet descaler sanitiser containing a powerful germicide. This toilet cleanser is designed to remove lime scale deposits and neutralise any bacterial and algae activity which give rise to odour and staining. Scale off will not harm porcelain or plastic surfaces, but is not suitable for use on stainless steel. For stainless steel surfaces please use our product Bryta Loo.

Directions: use as supplied or dilute with up to 4 parts water depending on the degree of soiling. Apply by spray or mop. Allow a few moments to activate then rinse away with clean water

Portable toilets use: Scale Off is suitable for maintenance cleaning and sterilising of the tank, filter system and bowl of portable chemical toilets to remove bacterial build up and lime scale deposits. Apply to surfaces by hand held spray or brush. Allow to soak. After a few minutes agitate surfaces treated with a stiff brush to soften deposits then rinse under pressure with clean water. In chemical toilets fully rinse and remove all residue before re-charging the toilet with fresh toilet additive otherwise Scale Off may disrupt the toilet additive biocide and dye system