Truck Wash Concentrate

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Truck Wash Concentrate is a full strength premium grade TFR for vehicle, plant and machinery washing. This free rinsing formula is suitable for a multiplicity of uses including use as a workshop water based degreaser and floor cleaner. The product may be diluted as required. For use through a pressure washer, use we suggest a dilution of 1 part product to 4 parts water, then feed directly through a pressure washer set at 2% dilution at the nozzle. Fully wet surfaces to be cleaned prior to applying the detergent – do not allow to dry on during the cleaning process. For best results apply from the bottom upwards and rinse off using clean water.

This product may also be used for hand washing of vehicles, plant etc. Suggested dilution for washing by hand, is 200 ml of Truck Wash Concentrate per 5 litres of warm water in a bucket. Maximum product dilution is 1 part to 40 parts water. Always wet the surface prior to application of TFR. Do not allow to dry on. Apply using a soft brush, cloth or sponge. Clean as required then fully rinse using fresh clean water. 

Suitable for use on vehicle bodies, chassis and machinery. Truck Wash Concentrate is also an effective water based degreaser/cleanser for concrete or painted floor surfaces normally found in workshops. Dilute with up to 20 parts water. Apply to the floor. Agitate using a stiff brush. Allow to soak but do not allow to dry on the surface. Fully rinse using clean water (ideally under pressure). Allow the floor to dry before painting or overlaying a surface treatment.

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