X-Tract – carpet and upholstery cleaner

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X-Tract is a professional high quality low foam upholstery cleaner and fabric shampoo containing optical brighteners and conditioners to clean and restore most types of fabric upholstery and carpets. It contains a pleasant perfume leaving surfaces treated smelling fresh and clean. Suitable for use through any make of extraction machine. Do not over wet fabric as this may cause shrinkage to occur. Always test an inconspicuous area first to test for colour fastness. X-Tract may also be used to clean vinyl and plastic trim

Directions for use: may be diluted with up to a maximum of 100 parts water at 40C – 50C. Always test on a small area first to ensure that the colour is fast.  For light soiling use at 40:1. For heavy soiling use at 10:1. For use as a spotting fluid  use at 4:1.

Extraction machine use: dilute at a ratio of 200ml  X-Tract to 5 litres (25:1)of warm water. If soiling is heavy, pre spray first with this solution, using a hand held spray.