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X-Tract is a professional high quality upholstery cleaner and fabric shampoo containing optical brighteners and conditioners to clean and restore most types of fabric upholstery and carpets. It contains a pleasant perfume leaving surfaces treated smelling fresh and clean.  For best results use in conjunction with an extraction machine. Light soil use at 40:1. Heavy soil use at 10:1. Pre-spot use at 4:1.

If used in an extraction machine dilute at a ratio of 200ml of X-Tract to 5 litres (25:1)of warm water.     Pre spray first with this solution if soiling is heavy. Do not over wet the fabric and always test an inconspicuous area first to test for colour fastness. X-Tract may also be used in a hand held spray. Dilute at the same ratio. X-Tract may also be used to clean vinyl and plastic trim